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Silchester Quiz 2020

We had a new Quiz Master, Ben Leyburn this year and we all enjoyed his theme of basing each round on a popular TV Quiz Show. We played 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?', 'Countdown', 'Pointless', 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' and many more.

Once again we had a sell-out with 13 tables crammed into the village hall and the competition was fierce.

There were less than 10 points between the top five teams with the 'Scrambled Eggheads' narrowly beating the 'Saga Louts' to top place. 

Then, only one point behind the Saga Louts, 3rd place was taken by the 'Not So Secret Seven'

The best dressed table prize was won by 'Under the Sea' who had used a lovely fishy theme for their table.

Our very grateful thanks to Ben for putting the quiz together - we all know that it is a very time consuming undertaking.

Also thanks to Hannah Monger and Sarah Houseman for doing the scoring


Silchester Quiz 2019

Another great Quiz Night was held in the village hall last Saturday with a packed house – even one team on the balcony. 

We're really sorry to have had to turn away several teams from this event but there is a limit to the numbers we can safely seat in the hall. 

If you missed getting a table this year, please book early next year.

 The elevated position on the balcony must have been good though as this team – the ‘Saga Louts’ leapt into the lead in the first round and held onto to it to the end.

The final results were

1st place    The Saga Louts                      86.5

2nd place    Norfolk 'n' Chance                79

3rd place     The Pampered Heathens     78.5

The wooden spoons went to ‘Paradise Lost’ who had a wonderfully colourful table and looked to be having a wonderful time!

The best-dressed table award went to the ‘Odd Balls’ who had recreated a rugby pitch complete with the six nations flags in the middle of their table. 

Spike and Erica Fairhurst had done an amazing job in putting together all the question rounds – it’s a huge amount of work and we really appreciate it – thank you. 

We would also like to thank Sarah Houseman and Hannah Monger for giving up their evening to come and do the scoring for us. 

 quiz night 2019


Quiz Night 2018

We had a sell-out for this year's Quiz Night with 15 tables booked in advance and sadly we had to turn people away in the last week. It is really great to see so many people supporting our events and is a tribute to Spike and Erica Fairhurst's hard work in putting together the questions and acting as Quiz Master for the night. There was barely room to  move in the village hall and the competition was fierce with a race for the finish. 

In the end the "KFC Delivery Team" won with 80.5 points, only 2.5 ahead of second placed "Tequilla Mockingbirds" who in turn were only 1.5 points ahead of third placed "Saga Louts".

We had some innovative table decorations this year with train sets and campfires and Mad Hatters but the prize for the best dressed table went to "Pyeong Silchang 2018" who had a model ski run laced by pine trees in the centre of their table. Well done everyone and thank you for joining in the fun.

As always, the questions were challenging but the first round in which we were asked to choose whether a statement was made by the President of the United States or Buddy-the Christmas Elf was quite concerning as many of the teams failed to spot the difference!

Our thanks go to all the volunteers who helped with the event and also to many of the competitors who stayed on to help clear up the tables and chairs - that was so much appreciated!!



Quiz Night 2017

The Quiz Night this year was well supported with 12 tables being squeezed into the village hall. A fun night was enjoyed by all under the able leadership of Spike and Erica Fairhurst who had prepared 10 rounds of challenging questions interspersed with a few fun rounds of spice tasting, world flags and significant events through the past 20 years! The winning team was ‘The North Korean Hit Parade’ with an amazing score of 121 over the 13 rounds (that was only 19 questions wrong over the entire evening!)

Runners up places were more tightly contested with 4 more teams scoring over 100 points but ‘Peppa’s Puppets’ just managed to take second place with 110. The best dressed table prize went to the ‘Mad Hatters’ for their Tea Party complete with teapot and talking dormouse. Special commendation should go to wooden spoon

winners - the ‘Mamas and Papas’ – since, as well as having only 4 team members they had the additional challenge of two little babies to care for! We would all like to thank Spike and Erica for making the event so much fun.