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Would you like a email address?

This service is run for Silchester residents by Silchester Mail Ltd on a ‘not for profit’ basis.

The basic email service is provided free of charge for Silchester residents and can either be used as a full mail box system or as a forwarding address to an existing email account.

A premium service is also available for a small annual charge  (currently £15 per year and discounted to £10 for Silchester residents) which offers a larger  capacity mailbox and the ability to view your mail across different devices.

Features of the Mail System

  • More secure:  secure connection between you and the mail server. Webmail will also be encrypted
  • Less spam:  spam filtering provided by SpamHero to remove the majority of junk mail received by the system
  • More deliverable:  digital signing of outgoing mail, meaning less chance of your mail being treated as spam
  • More reliable:  uses Amazon’s infrastructure to improve reliability.

You can apply for a email address here